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Autobiography Challenge: Family part 1

13 Oct


William and Della
These are my Great Grandparents. Their daughter Grace, was my Mother’s Mom. I never metWilliam but Great Grandma Della was an important part of my childhood, and if anyone has read my Oregon Trail Novel, you now one of my main characters os named Della in her honor. She Gave birth to at least 7 children that I know of, One boy died as a toddler, 3 boys and 3 girls survived into adulthood, or at least to a month shy of her 20th birthday in the case of Alice.

William and Della were hog and dairy farmers in Ogle County, Illinois and raise their family successfully right on through the depression.


Mt. Vernon, Illinois School 1922
Front Row L to R: Carl Beightol, Florence Haijenga Schoonhoven, Sylvia Buther Buss, Elizabeth Buntjer DeWall, Francis Buss Frey, Marie Korf Cooms, Alice Beightol, Calvin Buss, Sam Klock

Second Row: George Buss, John Buss, Irvin VanRaden, Alvin Buss, Orville Beightol

Thied Row: Clarence Beightol, Raymond VanRaden, Walter Duitsman, GRACE BEIGHTOL (MY Maternal Grandmother), Teacher, Belva Murphy McPherson Photo Submitted by Sam Klock

So the Beightols are my Grandmother’s family and the McPherson teacher, must be related too because I had a great, Great aunt named Maggie (Margaret) McPherson.


My Great Uncle Carl
This is my Maternal Grandmother’s Brother, Carl. Born in Illinois, after two sisters married Wyoming Cowboys, Carl came to Wyoming to be a cowboy too, but after riding his horse into the Silver Dollar Bar in Cody, the Sheriff gave him the alternatives of going to jail or joining the army. He joined the army and died after surviving the Bataan Death March in 1942… my uncle Donald’s middle name Carl is in his honor. So Yes, he survived the march but died of dysentery in the Cabanatuan POW camp not long after. We have a copy of a letter from his sergeant sent to “William Beightol” (My Great Grandfather) in 1974 saying that he had held Carl in in arms when he died, June 1942. Donald’s wife, Marion and Donald visited the site of the POW camp in 1972 and also saw Carl’s name on the Memorial of the Pacific War in Manila.